Who Wants To Stay In Static Sobriety….

Learn How Addiction Health Will Change That…

We Show You What Active Recovery Can Look Like….

Recovery Never Ends…There Is Not Just One Layer….There Is Not Only One Path…

“It Costs You Nothing To Get Started….It’s Free To Learn How To Be Free….

Dear Friend and Fellow Addict,

Each and every day of my first year and a half of “recovery” was bullshit. It was sobriety, no more than that word. I wasn’t drinking or using. Win right? Well, yes it was a huge win not to be using…but I wasn’t changing anything else. I saw it with myself and I am sure you feel it too….

Sober…but still acting like an asshole…not treating yourself right, not treating others right. Not present when it comes to anything to do with actual recovery. Most importantly not loving yourself….or fucking understanding how to….

I have found out how to put things together and transform that static sobriety into active recovery….This is something that transformed my life and that has helped others do the same….Addiction Health is that amazing program I want you to have for FREE….I want you to learn it….It will change your recovery story…..

This is not a 12-step program….this will not get you sober….this will help you stay sober….this will help you heal your brain, body, and give you tools to manage stress….most importantly it will show you how to embrace personal development and understand how to change habits….

You have to want to change your story….this shit is not easy….stop reading and stay sober if you don’t feel like working….recovery is work…sometimes every minute of somedays….Addiction Health is those pieces that I pulled together into something worth working harder for….

Nothing about recovery is easy….but all this uncomfortable shit is how we grow….so pick up where you left off on your growth….choose your Addiction Health….Be better for you…be better for your family, children, parents…whoever or whatever your why is….

It all goes back to you….Now Let me show you how….


Learn How to Feed your Mouth for Optimal Recovery

Learn how to easily navigate nutrition and supplements to heal your body, mind, and change how you feel daily.


Learn How to Use a Simple Approach to Fitness

Learn how you can become fit and stronger with simplicity and functional movements that will train your body and your brain


Prevent Relapse with Wellness and Personal Development

Create a new recovery story by learning wellness techniques and break through barriers with personal development

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Who is Jared Seaton

I am an alcoholic and addict in recovery. I spent a majority of my life a slave to alcohol and drugs. Loosing pretty much everything several times. Since entering true recovery I have spent the last four years dedicating my life to figuring out my shit, learning, sharing, and becoming a better person every day of my life. I want to help others do the same. I want to give as much as possible in order to help change as many lives as I can. I want you to learn what I have and want to do the same. I was put here to help you. He loves to have fun and it will show when you work with him.

Jared is a divorced Father of two wonderful kids who is blessed to get 50/50 custody of, he is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Addiction Health Specialist. He loves kettlebells, cooking, cars, disc golf, basketball, learning, sharing, and goofing around with his kids. Currently he resides in Franklin, TN.