Are You Struggling With Your Recovery

It’s Time To Change Your Recovery Story!


Learn How to Feed your Mouth for Optimal Recovery

Learn how to easily navigate nutrition and supplements to heal your body, mind, and change how you feel daily.


Learn How to Use a Simple Approach to Fitness

Learn how you can become fit and stronger with simplicity and functional movements that will train your body and your brain


Prevent Relapse with Wellness and Personal Development

Create a new recovery story by learning wellness techniques and break through barriers with personal development

Who is Jared Seaton

I am an alcoholic and addict in recovery. Over the past 4 years I have evolved my recovery from being sober, to transforming my life. I found that I wanted more out of my recovery. I wanted to change my recovery story and I wanted to help others do the same. So I founded Mouth Motor Mind Addiction Health. The resources available to those in recovery are amazing, but for me there were still missing pieces. I put those pieces together into a program that has become a resource that will elevate your recovery to the next level. Change your recovery story now.

Jared is a divorced Father of two wonderful kids who is blessed to get 50/50 custody of, he is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Addiction Health Specialist. He loves kettlebells, cooking, cars, disc golf, basketball, learning, sharing, and goofing around with his kids. Currently he resides in Franklin, TN.

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